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4 Ways to Keep Positive After a Car Accident in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA, has its share of car accidents every year. The latest data from the California Office of Traffic Safety, OTS, reports that in 2016, Bakersfield had 1,924 injuries and fatalities from vehicle collisions. With 42 fatalities the same year, there were 1,882 injuries.

Staying Positive Helps Recovery From a Car Accident

After the accident, seek immediate medical attention to be diagnosed and treated. Stress and anxiety make recovery difficult, so it’s important to reduce it. Dealing with the disruption to your current life, to your family, and fallout from the accident is a lot to add to your physical recovery goals. To address this, your personal goals should be to rest, eat properly and develop a positive attitude. The hardest goal is probably staying positive, but it’s a critical component to promoting your physical, mental and emotional recovery. It can also help your loved ones adjust or deal with the accident aftermath. Ways to stay positive after being injured in a car accident:

  • Hang on to real relationships Your family and friends can be a lifeline helping you feel supported and normal. True friends will stay beside you. Those who fall away are probably not the ones to focus on anyway.
  • Develop daily structure Feel freedom to rest and heal, but if you are alert, you’ll need regular mental and emotional stimulation to keep your spirits up. Making personal goals and planning a structured schedule for the hours, days and weeks of recovery can restore your sense of purpose. Include your medical goals in your routine and make sure they are measurable, so you can feel good about progress. That includes keeping all medical, therapy and counseling appointments.
  • Embrace patience Your recovery may take time so allowing yourself to be frustrated won’t help. Have patience with those around you, as well. They’re also getting used to the new life with you.
  • Get out of the house It might not be easy at first, depending on your physical stage of recovery, but as soon as it’s possible, avoid staying in the house or your room. Isolation and boredom can lead to depression.
  • Pass over opportunities to be negative Even if others bring up the negative, you don’t have to dwell there. Take it one day at a time and be encouraged by today’s progress, whatever it is.
  • Focus on what?s important This is the time you can pare down the meaningless concerns you had before your injuries. Take stock of what is truly important and focus on dealing with that only. Gratitude for what you do have is the best focus of all.
  • Reduce the stress of accident fallout ? Recovery is hard enough without worrying about the fallout from your accident. You need a good personal injury attorney in your corner who will make sure you can focus on recovery. They will understand that worrying about the insurance company, medical bills, all the agency and incident reports, missed work and other financial damages are a burden that can impede your recovery.

Local Attorneys in Bakersfield

Hiring personal injury attorneys who are not only good at what they do but know the local area and municipalities of your accident can make a big difference. Knowing the area helps when making sure injury victims are properly compensated for damages. The Maison Law Firm is committed to investigating the facts, determining liability and getting you the help you are entitled to, so you can focus on making your new life a satisfying one without worry or stress. Get on the road to recovery and contact us today.


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