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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Top Undetected Motorcycle Accident Injuries

If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, it is likely most injuries are easily identifiable. Fractured bones, lacerations, contusions and other injuries can be felt and seen. However, not all injuries from severe trauma are obvious. Some motorcycle accident injuries can go undetected, even after a thorough medical exam. Knowing what to look for can help identify serious injuries to get the medical care needed.

Traumatic Brain Motorcycle Accident Injuries

One of the most common motorcycle accident injuries is head trauma. Whether the rider was wearing a helmet or not, impact to the head can cause serious injuries. Traumatic brain injury or TBI is not always immediately evident. The victim of TBI can seem unaffected yet have serious damage to the brain that can become apparent in the days, weeks and months after the accident.

Internal Organ Injuries

Motorcycle accident injuries that affect internal organs can easily go undetected. If a motorcycle rider was wearing proper safety gear, they may not have external injuries. They may not have any immediate concerns since they did not sustain easily identified damage to their body. However, internal injuries to organs are possible and symptoms may not be apparent immediately.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Any vehicle accident can cause serious musculoskeletal injuries in the neck, back and body. Back trauma, whiplash and other motorcycle accident injuries may not seem serious but can lead to long-term issues. These types of injuries tend to get worse in the days and weeks after the accident, even when the victim felt “fine” or minimal pain at the time of the accident.

Compensation for Serious Motorcycle Injuries

It is vital to always get immediate medical care after a serious motorcycle accident. Having a thorough exam can help identify possible injuries that may be hard to detect. If you have serious motorcycle accident injuries caused by a negligent driver, get immediate medical care and call us at Maison Law. We can help you pursue compensation for your injuries, even those that may have gone undetected. Contact our office in Visalia to schedule a free consultation.


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