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Youth in Agriculture

Youth in Agriculture: Preventing Injuries

It might not be a topic everyone is talking about, but that doesn’t make the injuries less of a problem. In fact, youth in agriculture, whether they are living, working or visiting an agricultural environment-mainly farms-is such a big issue the National Committee for Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention (NCCAIP) was formed in 1992.

National Action Plan

A plan was implemented in 1996 that promoted research, education, leadership, surveillance and public policy to help curb the problem of injuries to youth in agricultural settings. Even with a national plan, the numbers are high. They are so high, in fact, the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety reports that a child died once every three days in 2016.

Youth in Agriculture

There are dangers present, in an agricultural environment, we may not recognize right away. That’s why it’s important to be educated and prepared. Here are some tips to prevent injuries:

  • Dress for the occasion

There are gears, pulleys and sharp edges on some equipment. It’s best to avoid loose-fitting clothing that can get caught or ripped. Keep cuffs buttoned and shirts tucked. Keep long hair under a cap.

  • Stay calm in an emergency

Take emergency preparedness courses, in case something goes wrong. Everyone should know how to administer CPR and have basic first-aid skills. Make sure everyone knows how to call for help in an emergency and that fire/police/EMT personnel have access to information they may need, like what is in each building or where chemicals are stored.

  • Stay in communication

It?s important to have a check-in time. If a check-in time is missed, someone should follow up to make sure everything is OK. Additionally, you should communicate to someone when you are mounting or dismounting equipment, as a precaution.

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