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What is a Life Care Plan in a Personal injury Case in California?

Life care plans are typically used in cases involving severe or catastrophic injuries in calculating both the current and future costs of care of the victim. They’re typically prepared by rehabilitation experts, but experts from other disciplines might contribute to them. The plan will address the victim’s current injuries and contemplate all reasonably necessary future costs, including surgeries, medical devices, prescription medication, rehabilitation, physical therapy, home health care or assisted living and transportation needs.

If you or a loved one need assistance with a life care plan, contact us for a free consultation and we will explain your rights to you.

Steps Creating in a Life Care Plan

In formulating a suitable life care plan for a victim, the planner will first review all medical records in connection with the injuries suffered. An evaluation of the victim is then performed, and interviews with health care providers like treating physicians and therapists are performed. Any deposition transcripts of the claimant or experts on his or her behalf will also be reviewed. Vendors of medical equipment or services will be surveyed with the victim’s best interests in mind. A clear understanding of the nature of the injury suffered by the victim, treatment objectives, the victim’s response to treatment to date and expected response to future treatment are noted. Possible future complications are also addressed. With all of that in mind, recommendations are made on the victim’s expected present and future health and personal care needs 

The Cost of Preparing a Life Care Plan

There are costs involved in retaining any expert to testify on behalf of a victim in a personal injury case. When a case involves millions of dollars of compensation for injuries and damages, a qualified expert who prepares a comprehensive life care plan for a victim can be a pivotal influence in maximizing a settlement or award on his or her behalf. Martin Gasparian is a California personal injury lawyer who represents severely and catastrophically injured clients. You can discuss whether your or your family member’s personal injury case warrants the inclusion of a life care planner by arranging for a consultation and case review with Mr. Gasparian. There is no charge for such a consultation, and it’s completely confidential.

The Benefits of a Life Care Plan

There are two critical benefits in life care plans in severe and catastrophic injury cases. First, the fact that the accident victim will need to undergo extensive and painful treatment and care in the future operates to strongly support claims of a lifetime of pain and suffering. Next, a reasonably certain estimate of future medical costs helps an insurance company or jury to decide the amount of compensation that is necessary for future medical expenses in a settlement or verdict.

When to Decide Whether a Life Care Plan Will Benefit a Case

Any life care plan involves the participation of at least one expert. If a life care plan is created with the intent of admitting it into evidence at the time of trial of a personal injury case, any experts involved in that plan, their recommendations and the reasons for those recommendations must be disclosed to the defense by a specific date. Late disclosure can operate to bar admission of a plan into evidence. That’s why a decision needs to be make early on whether a life care plan should be formulated and admitted into evidence in a case. 

California Life Care Plan in a Personal injury Case Lawyer

If you or a family member were severely or catastrophically injured in an accident anywhere in California, contact our severe and catastrophic injury lawyer at Maison Law as soon as possible for that consultation and case evaluation. A life care plan might be in order. If so, you’ll want to make a timely disclosure of it.

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