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What is “Proximate Cause” in California Personal Injury Law?

Proximate cause is a technical legal term of art involving foreseeability of an injury. Whether the injury alleged by the claimant was foreseeable can come to issue. Foreseeability is a question of whether the defendant’s act or failure to act was the cause of the claimant’s injuries.

It might be approached with the following question: “But for the defendant’s act or failure to act, would the injuries complained of have not occurred?” For example, a pedestrian in the middle of a marked crosswalk is hit by a car that rolled through a stop sign. The pedestrian endured a serious leg fracture involving surgery, hospitalization and rehabilitation. That pedestrian has filed a lawsuit for personal injury damages. 

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The Foreseeability Issue 

For a finding of proximate cause, the injuries complained of must be foreseeable. A defendant in an accident case can’t be held responsible for a claimant’s injuries if a reasonable person couldn’t have anticipated that they might occur. For example, the driver of car #1 runs a red light at an intersection. The driver of car #2 had a green light at the same intersection. He braked hard and swerved to avoid a collision with car #1. The driver of car #2 is now furious, and his heart is pounding. He recovers control of his car, and while the near-accident was still on his mind, he travels off of the road and crashes into a utility pole five blocks away. He alleges that the failure to act of the driver of car #1 caused him to be injured when he hit the utility pole. It would likely be determined that the driver of car #1 running the red light was not the proximate cause of the accident and injuries. It simply wasn’t foreseeable. As per CACI 430, it must be a substantial factor in causing harm that a reasonable person would consider to have contributed to the accident and injuries. The near-accident from five blocks behind was too in time and maybe even distance.

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Issues involving proximate cause and foreseeability can become complicated quickly. The applicable law must be applied to every case. If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in an accident anywhere in California, contact us here at Maison Law as soon as possible for a consultation and complete case evaluation of all of the elements of negligence with a knowledgeable and dedicated California personal injury lawyer. We can help you understand whether all of those elements of negligence exist in your case, including that of proximate cause. 

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