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Fresno Motorcycle Accidents At Intersections

Skilled motorcyclists in Fresno have grown accustomed to doing some defensive driving around careless motorists. But a busy Fresno intersection can leave riders with too many lanes to monitor to try to catch all of the mistakes of reckless drivers.

Motorcyclists can be caught in any direction by a driver that’s ignored the right-of-way. Riders can get hit in the middle of an intersection, be left on the ground, and then face getting struck again by another vehicle.

When your injuries turn out to be serious, like a broken bone or traumatic brain injury, you should discuss your options for support with a skilled Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer. This case consultation is free and it may be your only warning about the tactics insurance companies will use to rob motorcycle collision victims of money.

Dangers for Motorcycle Riders at Fresno Intersections

Intersections bring a lot of traffic together from a lot of different angles. Drivers can get anxious when sitting at lights or waiting on traffic to pass so they can make a turn. This nervousness can cause them to be a little extra careless with their glances in one direction or another. They may fail to see an oncoming motorcyclist or the rider beside them as they make their move.

Those mistakes can make a target of a rider who is traveling through a packed intersection. Motorcyclists get struck from all angles at Fresno’s busiest intersections like Shaw Avenue and Valentine Avenue. Blackstone Avenue and Ashlan Avenue is another intersection that sees an increased amount of collisions and dangers to motorcyclists.

Intersections combine all of the most common threats to riders on local roads. These are some of the most common situations for motorcycle accidents at Fresno intersections.

  • Sideswipe Accidents – Drivers can change lanes in intersections even though it’s too busy to. They may not take a full look in mirrors or check a blind spot for a rider like they should. Cars in multiple turning lanes can also veer out of their lane lines and end up in the path of a motorcycle.
  • Rear-End Accidents – Intersections are often the scene of many quick starts and quick stops. Cars can get too close to motorcycles and then hit the gas before the motorcycle has proceeded or made a turn. A dangerous rear-end collision can result and leave a rider down in an intersection.
  • Turning Accidents – Drivers wanting to turn left watch oncoming traffic to find an opening to make their turn. In their haste, they can miss the profile of a motorcycle still approaching. The driver can gun it and end up placing the full-length of a car or SUV in front of the rider. It’s a long wall that riders will have a hard time avoiding. A T-bone or broadside accident may follow.

These and other scary collisions leave Fresno and Fresno County motorcyclists at risk of devastating injuries every day. A skilled Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer fully investigates these complex incidents to make sure you have the proof they need to show you weren’t to blame for a collision. This proof is critical when a car insurance company is attempting to point the finger of blame at you simply to avoid having to help you with hospital bills.

What to Do If You’ve Been in Motorcycle Accident in a Fresno Intersection

You can take an empowered role in building your own case by collecting evidence to turn over to your Fresno motorcycle accident attorney. The best place to do this will be on the scene of your accident. It’s the one place your attorney won’t be able to secure evidence from.

If you are feeling strong enough to stand and the scene is secure, try to collect these details after a Fresno motorcycle collision:

  • Dial 911 and tell Modesto police officers or the CHP everything you saw before the accident. Let them know if you saw the driver holding a cell phone or driving recklessly. Officers will be writing up a motorcycle collision report that provides evidence for your case.
  • Get every injury checked out by EMTs and go to the hospital if necessary. If you must leave the scene, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to take some photos for you.
  • Get cellphone images at the scene. Show the car that hit you, the damage to your motorcycle, and any visible injuries. Take photos of any traffic signs and lane markings that are related to what happened. Show yourself with a helmet if you were wearing one. Take pictures of any visible injuries.
  • Get contact information from witnesses. Your Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer will be calling on them to provide important testimony.
  • Exchange information with everyone involved if the officer on the scene doesn’t provide this information to you. Be careful what you say around the driver. You may say “I’m fine” and “my bad.” Insurance companies can twist these statements to use as evidence that you weren’t hurt at all and that you were fully at fault.
  • Get checked out by your own doctor. Follow recommendations the doctor makes including going to physical therapy and visiting specialists.
  • Hang on to your damaged motorcycle. Keep any damaged clothing and personal items. Don’t wash bloody clothing. Preserve it as evidence.

Contact a Fresno Intersection Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident or if you’ve tragically lost a loved one in an accident, contact a local motorcycle accident attorney to find out about every benefit available to you and your family.

Take advantage of a free consultation session offered by Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, to learn more about what insurance companies don’t tell motorcycle accident victims. There’s no obligation. If you decide we can help you earn more for your motorcycle accident injury claim, you won’t need any upfront money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case for you.


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