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Fresno Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists in Fresno have gotten good at steering out of harm’s way when they travel alongside careless drivers. But watching the reckless driving going on behind their bikes can be more challenging. Drivers only half paying attention to the road can miss the rider in front of them and ram a motorcycle from behind.

A read-end motorcycle accident can put a rider through several impacts and leave them with traumatic injuries. Victims must seek full support as they recover so they don’t end up becoming a victim a second time by allowing unfair treatment from a car insurance company.

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Motorcyclists struck from behind may never see the collision coming. Victims may wake up in a hospital bed and eventually get time to wonder how they’ll seek justice for the bills they are racking up and the time they are losing at work.

To find out how to help yourself or a loved one after a serious motorcycle crash, contact a Fresno car accident lawyer and set up a free case review. This review comes with no obligation and is completely confidential. It’s a way to learn about the benefits available to you and your family after a frightening Fresno motorcycle accident.

Rear-End Motorcycle Accident Dangers on Fresno Highways

The stop-and-go traffic on busy roadways like Herndon Avenue can easily leave motorcyclists vulnerable to a strike from behind by reckless drivers. Riders can end up on the pavement or on a car hood after being rear-ended. They can be knocked out of control and sent into other lanes. They can also be launched forward to hit other vehicles.

These sometimes powerful impacts endanger riders’ lives every day across Central Valley.  These are just some of the most common situations that lead to rear-end motorcycle collisions:

  • Distracted Driving – Drivers can be looking at a cell phone, playing with a radio, or talking to a passenger. This inattention can lead to careless drivers striking whatever may be in front of them.
  • Traffic Jams – Drivers constantly starting and stopping due to busy traffic or construction work can have to stop short of hitting the rider in front of them. But after repeated starts and stops, there’s always a chance drivers will take their minds from the stop-and-go traffic, forget to brake again, and plow into a defenseless rider.
  • Misjudging Brake Lights – The single taillight of a motorcycle, especially at night, can confuse some drivers who are used to seeing the two brake lights of a car. Motorists can ram a motorcyclist after misjudging how close they are. This problem is made worse when drivers are distracted and only taking glances at the road ahead.
  • Missing Traffic Lights – Drivers can miss spotting a green light changing to red up ahead. They might fail to look up until it’s too late to brake and avoid hitting the motorcycle stopped or slowing down ahead.
  • Lane splitting Rear-End Accidents – California allows motorcycles to ride between cars when traffic is slowed or stopped for a light. Upon taking off, a driver who doesn’t know the law might not look out for a lane-splitting rider passing and fail to avoid hitting a motorcycle trying to get around traffic.

In these and other frightening situations, unprotected riders are left vulnerable to severe injuries. A skilled Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer works diligently to ensure riders don’t face the costs of recovery alone. Riders would have the money needed to pay for the best medical care and physical therapy to return to the rides they love.

Common Injuries in Fresno Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents

Emergency room doctors at Fresno’s Community Regional Medical Center see the results of devastating rear-end motorcycle impacts all the time.

These are some of the most common motorcycle injuries riders suffer in collisions:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury – TBIs can cause memory loss and even seizures. Victims suffer severe mood swings and can be unable to control body parts. Concussions are considered mild forms of TBIs, but they often disrupt a person’s life and make them susceptible to more. This must be considered when determining how much a motorcycle injury settlement check should be.
  • Chest Injuries – Chest damage can affect the chest wall, the ribs, and the collarbone, the muscle and tissue protecting the organs or the organs themselves. The heart and lungs might suffer life-threatening damage.
  • Blunt Force Trauma – Riders can absorb several impacts with vehicles and the ground when they are knocked from a motorcycle. Internal bleeding is one resulting ailment that isn’t always spotted in an emergency room. That’s why it’s important to get examined by your own doctor after you’ve taken a traumatic fall in a motorcycle accident.
  • Broken Bones – Riders may break hands, wrists, and elbows when they attempt to soften their landing with their arms. Landing on the feet can put ankles, knees, and femur bones in jeopardy. The face is another part of the body that may absorb the brunt of an impact. Broken jaws, noses, and cheekbones might result. The neck and vertebrae could also suffer fractures.
  • Road Rash – The skin on arms, hands, and face are all vulnerable when victims are sent across cement or pavement. Layers of skin are torn away and victims are vulnerable to terrible infections. A permanent disfigurement could mean victims would seek lifelong support from insurance companies.

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Injured motorcyclists should receive full support for the medical bills they’ve received and are expected to receive for as long as recovery takes. They should also have the paychecks and benefits they lose at work reimbursed. Families who lose a loved one in a tragic rear-end motorcycle accident should receive money to pay for a funeral and remaining hospital bills. They must ask for support as they face a future without the financial support the victim has always provided.

Don’t assume you’ll get automatic help with these tremendous burdens. Allow a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to gather evidence in your case to force an insurance company to do the right thing. Schedule a free consultation with Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, today.

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