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Fresno is a crossroads for the agriculture and manufacturing industries, and the economic benefits for the region are undeniable. Unfortunately, all of this round-the-clock production leads to extra hazards for Fresno motorists. These industries send a never-ending stream of big rigs out on local roads 24/7.

These tankers, 18-wheelers, and box trucks merge with hundreds of delivery trucks for companies like Amazon and FedEx to make for some very crowded highways. No matter where you travel, a truck driver could be speeding along, distracted, and veering over into your lane unaware.

When drivers cause accidents in their heavy transports, the consequences for those injured are often devastating. Fresno truck accident victims will wonder how to best secure help with their recoveries. They may also be confused about who to file a claim against. The drivers or the company they work for?

Fresno Truck Accident Injury Claims Process

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Any collision with a semi-truck, a box truck, or a van traveling through Fresno can lead to major vehicle damage and traumatic injuries. Even when serious injuries are involved, insurance companies will still try to offer as little support as possible for victims.

That is why Maison Law offers a free, no-obligation consultation to Fresno big rig accident injury victims. We will be happy to answer your legal questions and discuss your full range of options for moving your accident case forward.

Truck Accident Dangers in Fresno

Fresno farmers can produce 7 billion dollars or more in crops and commodities each year. Those vegetables, grains, and livestock mostly get sent out of Fresno and are moved out to the world by some form of transportation. That supply chain usually starts with a large transport truck.

A semi and tractor-trailer can weigh around 35,000lbs unloaded and are allowed to reach up to 80,000lbs when loaded. Stopping these big rigs for a traffic light or correcting a slight veer off the road can take an incredible amount of time and distance.

Sometimes there isn’t enough space to stop or regain control and a nearby car or SUV takes a full impact of that load. Vehicles can end up crushed or knocked into other obstacles. Cars often end up under giant trucks and the passengers inside can be trapped while in need of emergency care. Fresno truck accident victims could need weeks or months of care to recover.

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Distracted Driving Hazards for Truck Drivers

Accidents involving large trucks or delivery vans are common because the drivers behind the wheel are also employees. They aren’t always focused on just the lanes in front of them due to their sometimes high-pressure duties.

Their routes or destinations may be evolving while their trip is already underway. Focus can be spent on understanding new instructions rather than spotting slowed traffic ahead or a minivan in a blindspot. There are also the risks that distracted driving causes for truck drivers and anyone who may be traveling around them.

These are just a few of the distractions and temptations big rig drivers face while roaming Fresno:

  • Distracted Drivers: Delivery drivers depend on their cellphones for work updates and navigation help. This reliance is dangerous when drivers glance down for seconds at a time. Truck drivers on longer trips might depend on their cell phones for entertainment. Truck drivers could even decide to start a movie while traveling the freeway. These are dangerous decisions no matter how light traffic may appear.
  • Excessive Speed: Drivers may be tempted to hit the gas to make a deadline and this often proves a dangerous choice. Even with heavy payloads, trucks can keep up with the fastest cars around them, but stopping is a different story. That extra weight increases the space needed to come to a full stop, and with each mile-per-hour over what’s safe, the braking distance needed only increases.
  • Exhausted Truck Drivers: Truck drivers are subject to strict laws about how long they can continuously drive. Unfortunately, drivers can break these rules and their employers can even pressure them to.
  • DUI Truck Drivers: Big rig drivers might struggle to remain focused or awake and turn to drugs to stay alert. These drugs alter their perceptions and can lead to devastating mistakes on the road. There are routine drug tests for drivers, but abuse is still seen.
  • Mechanical Issues: A design flaw can result in a breakdown while traveling at full speed. A driver may suddenly be unable to stop or steer and get sent into a powerful collision. Routine maintenance could be neglected and lead to a blow-out or other mishap on a highway.

What To Do After a Fresno Big Rig Accident

After a frightening truck crash on busy routes like Highway 180 or Blackstone Avenue, your first duty will be to your safety and the safety of others involved. Once help arrives, and you are still physically strong enough to move about, try to gather evidence on the scene.

This evidence will prove crucial if a truck driver’s insurance provider tries to falsely blame you for an accident or questions your injuries. Try to gather these details to strengthen your Fresno big rig accident case:

  • Alert Fresno Police or the California Highway Patrol to everything you saw before the accident. Include details on what caused the accident and inform them if the truck driver was behaving carelessly. Let medics check you over thoroughly.
  • Take pictures at the scene. If you must leave for the hospital ask someone with you to help. Show the damage to all vehicles and traffic signs and lane markings. Take photos of the truck’s logos and signs to show the company the driver works for. Also, grab photos of any visible injuries or damage to clothing.
  • Talk to witnesses. Get their addresses and phone numbers so your Fresno Big Rig Accident Lawyer can secure testimony from them later.
  • Note if there are any security cameras mounted to local businesses or homes that might have captured what happened. Jot down addresses.
  • Exchange information with the truck driver. Write down an employee number if you can obtain it. Don’t make any statements about who was at fault or how bad your injuries are to the driver. These statements can be used to hurt your insurance claim later.
  • Visit your doctor as soon as possible. Do everything your physician recommends. Keep records of your trips for medical care and the bills for treatment.

What Our Clients Say

Who Is Liable for My Fresno Truck Accident?

Truck accident cases differ from normal traffic collisions because it’s more than just the drivers involved who have to accept responsibility.

If that truck driver works for a local company or a worldwide corporation, they represent their employers. That means their employers may owe you substantial funds for your injury when their drivers make mistakes and cause accidents.

You can’t miss adding anyone who may be liable to your injury claim for one simple fact. One driver’s insurance policy may have limits that could fall short of covering every cost you face in recovery. In fact, a bare-bones insurance policy could only cover a fourth or less of your expenses. Holding others accountable for your accident increases the chances of earning what’s fair from multiple insurance companies.

There are several parties who may be brought in as defendants on your injury claim. These are just a few of the candidates:

  • Truck Driver’s Commercial Insurance – Drivers are required to carry insurance. The limits on these policies can be low and leave you to find other ways to pay your recovery costs. If a trucker works for himself, the company he’s performing contract work for could be held liable in some instances.
  • A Trucking Company’s Insurance — The driver could be behind the wheel for a national company or a local business. Those companies back their drivers with liability insurance. It’s the same situation for drivers for delivery companies like Amazon. Corporate lawyers may get involved in your case when such big businesses are involved. It’s important to have your own legal representative to protect your rights when these teams of lawyers look to reject your case.
  • A Farm or Ranch’s Insurance Policy – If your accident is with a piece of equipment from a local farm, or a large truck moving crops or cattle, the farm’s owner should share in the expense of your recovery.
  • Truck Manufacturer’s and Parts Manufacturer – Truck collisions may be caused by a design flaw in the truck. This flaw could be the subject of a recall or perhaps an accident happens before a recall is made. An issue with a part could force a parts manufacturer into your Fresno truck accident claim.

Compensation Available After a Fresno Big Rig Accident

After a Fresno truck accident, there may be several parties responsible for providing a settlement check to you and your family. These settlements must cover several important factors. If they don’t cover all of your expenses, your Fresno truck accident lawyer will step in and demand more for what you’ve been through.

These are just a few of the damages you’ll be seeking compensation for in your big rig accident claim:

  • Your current hospital bills and estimated costs for care expected to be required in the future.
  • Permanent disability costs over a lifetime. Earning support for medical equipment and home remodeling to give you the most freedom possible at home. This freedom may not be possible at work and you could need support to pay for training for a new career.
  • Physical pain and mental anguish. These are non-economic damages but they can greatly affect a victim’s quality of life for years to come.
  • Travel to appointments and out-of-city specialists. This is an especially big expense if you are off your feet and unable to drive.
  • Lost income and benefits while you must miss work.
  • Wrongful Death. A family may sue a trucking company if a loved one has been lost in an accident. This wrongful death claim would seek help with burial services and leftover medical fees. The income lost since the deceased can no longer bring a paycheck home to the family must be reimbursed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two years. You can wait up to two years after the date of an accident to file a claim over your injuries. It’s important to act quickly so that evidence is still readily available and so your lawyer can track down witnesses.

California allows drivers in accidents to share different percentages of blame. You could still receive injury compensation, only it would be reduced by the percentage of fault you were assigned.

No. Refer insurance adjusters to your Fresno personal injury lawyer. They’ll be hoping to get a recorded statement from you about the accident. They want to find ways to twist your words to weaken your injury claim and reject it.

Contact a Fresno Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving giant trucks often result in much more serious injuries for victims. If you or a loved one are a victim, it’s vital to make sure you don’t end up paying for any part of your recovery.

Trucking and delivery companies make a lot of money while using our roads and it’s only fair they take full responsibility when their drivers make mistakes.

To make sure big rig drivers and their employers do their part after an accident, please consult with a Fresno Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible. There are benefits available to you and your family that insurance companies won’t be informing you of.

Attorney Martin Gasparian offers a free and confidential case evaluation. Mr. Gasparian works hard to make sure clients are allowed to restore their health and their lives without worrying over hospital bills and lost paychecks.

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