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Head-On Accidents Involving Drunk Drivers On Freedom Blvd Outside Watsonville

Traveling narrow, busy roads around Watsonville can prove extremely dangerous when drivers veer across lanes into oncoming traffic. Drivers and passengers in other cars could be seriously injured, especially in the force of a head-on impact.

These potentially devastating accidents are even more heartbreaking when the drivers found at fault are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. These thoughtless decisions can endanger the lives of so many more people than just the motorist who decides to drive while intoxicated.

Head-On Collision in Watsonville Sends Three To Hospital

A two-vehicle accident in southern Santa Cruz County injured three people on Friday. KION-TV reports the accident occurred along Freedom Boulevard near Corralitos Road, north of Watsonville on December 17, 2021.

According to a California Highway Patrol report, a 2008 GMC was traveling eastbound when it was struck by an oncoming 2018 GMC. The head-on collision sent two people in the first vehicle, a 35-year-old driver and a 32-year-old passenger, to the Dominican Hospital by helicopter. Updates on their conditions have not been released.

The 39-year-old driver of the 2018 GMC was arrested and also transported to Dominican Hospital. CHP investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Earning Assistance After a Santa Cruz County DUI Accident

Victims in head-on collisions often face enormous healthcare costs when working to return their lives to normal. They may also be losing out on valuable time at work and getting behind on normal monthly bills during recovery.

These hardships should be entirely in the lap of the at-fault driver’s auto insurance provider. By filing a claim for damages, victims are requesting help with all current bills and any bills for healthcare expected in the future.

When the drivers to blame are accused of DUI they’ll be facing criminal charges. However, injured victims don’t have to wait on the outcome of a trial to receive support. Their civil claim can move forward independently of any criminal proceedings.

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