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Accidents Caused by Elderly Drivers in California

In recent years, the elderly population has continued to grow in California, especially as more individuals choose to move to the state after retirement. As the aging population grows, more elderly individuals will hit our roads than ever before. California is actually one of the top states with the highest number of fatalities involving elderly drivers who are over 65 years of age. With this information comes the reality that more precautions must be taken to ensure that elderly driving accidents are prevented altogether.

Elderly Driving Accident Victims Can Turn to Maison Law

When you are involved in a collision that causes injuries or a fatality, proving that one or more parties are responsible for your accident is of utmost importance. So, when an elderly driver was at the wheel and it led to your accident, you have the right to bring a claim against the driver or their insurance for recovery.

At Maison Law, our highly knowledgeable California car accident lawyers understand how overwhelming the legal system can be after a car accident caused by an elderly driver. When the insurance company is trying to pin the blame on you or offer you a low settlement offer for your damages, we are here. To get started on your free and confidential consultation, contact us for more information immediately.


Common Causes of Elderly Driving Accidents

Over the years, studies have continuously shown that elderly drivers are at a higher risk than other drivers when it comes to being involved in car accidents. There are many reasons why elderly driving accidents continue to occur every day in California, which include the following:


Changes in Vision: Many drivers will find that their eyesight becomes greatly impaired as they age. When vision starts to lack, a driver will become less likely to see a sign or a person in front of them until it is too late, causing them to collide with objects or people.


Changes in Hearing: When a driver is no longer able to hear as well, there is a higher chance for them to become involved in an accident. An elderly driver may not be able to hear local traffic or somebody honking their horn. Accidents can occur in the blink of an eye when a driver is unable to hear what is happening around them.


Swerving: Elderly drivers are sometimes unable to remain in one lane for an extended period of time. Swerving can cause huge dangers to drivers, as there is no warning for when an elderly person will leave their lane.


Failure to Watch Signs: Elderly individuals sometimes miss signs or do not see what they say until it is too late. This means that an accident can occur if an elderly driver goes the wrong way or does not see a construction zone coming up on a highway.


Renewal of Licenses for the Elderly in California

Section 13 of the California Driver’s Handbook states that an individual over 70 years old at the time of their driver’s license expiration must renew their driver’s license in person. This means that a knowledge and vision test is required for somebody over 70 to continue actively operating a vehicle on California roads.

When an elderly person fails to abide by California laws, they could continue to get behind the wheel of a car even though they are experiencing health conditions that impede their ability to safely operate a vehicle. It also means that, in the event of an accident, an elderly individual could be liable for the harm that they have caused you.

Aside from an elderly individual being liable for an elderly driving accident, there are also other parties who could be named in your lawsuit. For instance, what happens if an adult lends a vehicle to their aging parent, fully knowing that there are major health concerns that could keep them from safely operating a vehicle? The owner of that vehicle could also be held liable for your damages under negligent entrustment laws.

Damages Available to Victims of Elderly Driving Accidents

If you or someone you love has been impacted by an accident caused by an elderly driver, it is important to remember that you have legal options and damages available to you. With a personal injury claim or wrongful death suit, you can gain damages for some of the following aspects after you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident:


  • Medical expenses you or a loved one incurred
  • Lost income and future lost wages
  • Funeral or burial costs
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses that keep adding up


It is not unheard of for the victim of a senior driving accident to feel sorry for the driver who caused the accident. However, being reluctant to file a personal injury claim could mean all the difference in your financial recovery. You should not have to miss out on financial opportunities just because you feel bad in regards to bringing a claim against an elderly driver. This is why it is crucial that you seek immediate legal help after an accident.


Legal Assistance and Guidance Regarding California

If you have been hurt in a car accident involving an elderly driver, you are likely dealing with painful and long-lasting injuries. On top of this, you might not be able to return to work and obtain the financial help you need as the bills pile up.

Because of this, we are here to provide you with the assistance you need at Maison Law. We will explain all legal options available for you and offer you a free consultation. Contact us today for the financial support you need during these challenging times.

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