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Fresno Car Accidents on Shaw Avenue

Fresno drivers have a lot of choices when deciding how to get around the city. Shaw Avenue often ends up being the quickest way to travel east/west across northern Fresno and into Clovis. But that all depends on the time of day because the rush hours make Shaw Avenue a less than safe place to travel.

A careless driver staring at a cellphone screen can cause a chain-reaction accident that endangers drivers and passengers. Injured victims should receive the best care available, and an at-fault driver’s car insurance policy should cover every cent spent in recovery. Unfortunately, Fresno car accident victims often have to demand fair support from unhelpful insurance adjusters.

Reach Out to a Fresno Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Review

When you or a family member suffer serious injuries because of the actions of a careless driver, you should contact Maison Law to talk to a real Fresno Car Accident Lawyer. It’s an opportunity to find out about the benefits available to Shaw Avenue accident victims and their families.

Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, has taken on giant insurance corporations before to secure fair compensation for Fresno car accident victims. Make sure you have the support you need to pay your bills now and to avoid a financial crisis in the future.

Accident Dangers on Shaw Avenue in Fresno

Some Shaw Avenue drivers travel too fast and frequently take their eyes from the lanes ahead. This reckless behavior leads to intense collisions at stop lights and along stretches where traffic often slows down suddenly.

The traffic dangers on Shaw Avenue are well documented. What’s more, Shaw Avenue intersects several of the other most congested roads in Fresno. That includes Highway 99, Blackstone Avenue, The Yosemite Freeway, and the Sierra Freeway. These are some of the most dangerous intersections in the area.

Maison Law collected data on Fresno’s fatal traffic accidents over a decade to find out which roads were the most dangerous. When examining crash stats over a decade, Shaw Avenue was only behind Highway 99 and Blackstone Avenue when considering deadly crashes in Fresno.

From 2008 to 2018, Highway 99 recorded 18 tragic traffic deaths, Blackstone Avenue saw 11 tragic fatalities, and Shaw Avenue saw nine tragic accidents. This, of course, doesn’t even count the many victims who suffered serious injuries.

What to Do After a Car Accident on Shaw Avenue

After a Shaw Avenue driver hits your vehicle and you are injured, you won’t be fighting the at-fault driver for injury support. It’ll be the auto insurance company the driver makes monthly payments to that will represent the real battle.

You’ll have to prove to them that their driver was at fault, and you’ll have to leave them no room to twist the facts to make it look like you were to blame for your Fresno car collision. A Fresno car accident lawyer will help safeguard your injury claim and make sure your rights are respected.

One way to cut off an insurance company’s attempts to blame you is to save as much evidence of what happened at the scene as possible. You’ll turn this proof over to your attorney so your attorney can begin building a strong case. If your injuries will allow it, try to gather these important details at the scene:

  • Call for investigating officers and an ambulance. Dial 911 and allow paramedics to examine your injuries. Give Fresno Police a full report on everything you can remember about the accident. They’ll be creating a collision report that will be important to your insurance claim later.
  • Take photos with your cellphone. Once responding officers have secured the lanes, move to get photos of the damage to your vehicle and other cars if it’s safe. Show Shaw Avenue and the exact location where it happened. Snap photos of any visible injuries and damaged personal items.
  • Get driver’s license and insurance information from all drivers involved. Don’t talk about who caused the crash or the seriousness of your injuries with other motorists. You may not be qualified to speculate on these topics and your statements can be used against you later.
  • Talk to witnesses. Get their contact information so that your Fresno Car Accident Attorney can locate them for testimony later.
  • Keep evidence. Save your damaged personal items. Preserve torn and bloody clothing and shoes.
  • Get checked out by your physician. Get all injuries documented. Follow all of your doctor’s recommendations including seeing specialists. Save all medical receipts and invoices.

All of these factors will back up your claim when your Fresno personal injury attorney helps you demand compensation for every medical bill you’ve received. You’ll also ask for reimbursement for your lost time at work and the emotional and physical toll your injuries take on you.

Contact a Fresno Lawyer Serving Shaw Avenue Car Accident Victims

After a serious traffic accident on Shaw Avenue in Fresno, please rely on an experienced Fresno car accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer handles the most frustrating parts of the insurance claims process and makes sure you and your family receive fair treatment.

Take advantage of a free case consultation from Martin Gasparian, whether it’s you or a loved one that’s been hurt. This evaluation comes with no obligation to you. It’s a no-risk way to stay informed of the best ways to secure the support you and your family need to rebuild your lives after a Fresno car accident.

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