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Accidents involving Head-On Collisions On Avenue 9 In Madera County CA

Narrow, two-lane roads through farm country leave little room for motorists to avoid hazards that may arise. Drivers who lose control can quickly be sent into an impact with other vehicles in their lanes.

These careless mistakes are only magnified when vehicles cross into oncoming traffic where drivers will have no warning that something is wrong. These accidents can involve head-on collisions that factor in the speeds of both vehicles in an impact. The injuries can be that much more devastating and even lead to the loss of life.

Woman Tragically Killed in Collision in Madera County

A woman lost her life in a crash involving multiple vehicles Wednesday afternoon in southern Madera County. KFSN-TV reports the accident took place just before 5 p.m. along Avenue 9 north of Fresno on July 7, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says a man in Toyota Tacoma was traveling west near Road 33 ½ when for some reason he lost control of the pickup. He struck the car in front of him and sent that car into the vehicle in front of it. At this point, the Toyota traveled into the eastbound lane where it collided head-on with a Nissan.

A woman driving the Nissan suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene. Everyone else involved only suffered minor injuries.

Alcohol and drugs are not considered factors in the accident. CHP investigators continue their investigation into what led to the crash.

Seeking Justice for Madera County Victims and Families

Families left to mourn the loss of loved ones after tragic accidents can find they have to protect themselves from the consequences that quickly come due. Close relatives can receive the bills for emergency response and ambulance care while also attempting to cover the costs of a funeral and burial.

After such a tragedy, family members are allowed to file a wrongful death claim targeted at the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. This claim would seek to stabilize the family as they deal with estate settlement for the deceased. A wrongful death claim can help with all bills arriving after an accident. This civil lawsuit would also move to replace the paychecks the deceased can no longer provide the family with now and in the years to come.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney Serving Madera County

Families should be afforded time to grieve and cope with their loss. Unfortunately, the enormous costs that can build up after an accident can force members to take action to protect the family’s financial future as they must continue on without the support a victim had always provided.

Under such difficult circumstances, families can seek the help of a personal injury attorney such as Martin Gasparian. Insurance companies aren’t required to alert families of everything available to them. Mr. Gasparian works closely with family members to make sure they receive everything they need to rebuild their lives and provide for the future.  For a free consultation and case evaluation for your family contact Maison Law in Madera.


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