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Accidents Involving Semi-Trucks in Tulare County CA

Motorists across Tulare County must always be wary of the large trucks and delivery vehicles that crisscross the region day and night. These giant vehicles can easily squeeze smaller cars and SUVs out of the lane or cause a crash when moving their length across an intersection.

Serious collisions involving trucks happen year-round across Tulare County. California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) recorded 110 truck accidents in the county in 2020. Truck accidents accounted for a tragic 9 deaths for the year and were responsible for another 152 injuries.

Deadly Collision with Semi-Truck Claims One Life in Tulare County

One person has been killed after an SUV and a semi-truck collided Friday morning in Tulare County. KFSN-TV reports the crash happened just after 7 a.m. west of Porterville at the intersection of Route 190 and Road 208 on April 9, 2021.

The California Highway Patrol says that a semi-truck carrying two empty trailers collided with a Chevy Suburban. Investigators sadly report that one person was killed in the impact. They did not release information on any other possible victims.

CHP Officers shut down Highway 190 to determine the cause of the crash.

Support for Families After a Tulare County Accident

Families who lose loved ones in traffic accidents can be targeted by bill collectors just days after a tragedy. A funeral service and burial to honor a family member can result in thousands of dollars in bills. The fees associated with 911 emergency response can also leave close relatives in thousands of dollars of debt.

In a tragedy that occurred through no fault of the victim or the family, it’s unfair for these consequences and more to fall on the deceased’s spouse, children, or parents. This is the purpose of a wrongful death claim. To protect families from the hardships caused by an at-fault driver.

Filing a wrongful death claim against a driver’s car insurance company can help stabilize a family financially. This support is especially needed as close relatives must suddenly do without the monetary support the victim provided through his or her job. In addition, a claim must address the lost support that close family members will have to do without in the years ahead.

In accident claims involving professional truck drivers, several insurance providers could be involved. Truck drivers may have their own insurance. They may also be covered by the local company they work for. An attorney can help sort out these complicated cases to make sure a family recovering from a tragic accident is never left in the dark about their rights as victims.

Contact a Tulare County Wrongful Death Accident Lawyer

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