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Martin Gasparian, Esq., the managing attorney of Maison Law, started the firm with the idea and intention to provide knowledgeable, experienced, and personalized legal services to the residents of the Central Valley. Maison Law prioritizes serving clients and our team of experts works to assert and defend the rights of clients against large corporations and their insurance companies.

Any resident of the Central Valley who has suffered a major loss from accident, theft, fire, or some other calamitous event, looks to their insurer for help by filing a claim for compensation. What comes next? This is a time when uncertainty and insecurity run rampant through the minds of victims. People tend not to trust their insurance companies.

And why would they? An insurance company is a business with the goal of making profits. The financial interests of a claimant and its insurance company naturally conflict. The victim wants a maximum payout, while the insurance carrier wants to pay as little as possible – the very minimum, despite the policyholder having paid for coverage and claim service. Thus, having the assistance of an experienced professional may be invaluable.

The first step before consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney is to review a complete copy of your insurance policy applicable to the event. This includes the “Declarations Page,” as well as all “Endorsements” and “Riders” attached to the policy.

The Declarations Page is generally the first or second page of the policy and states the dollar limits applying to each category of coverage, and lists any extras, such as endorsements and riders, that are available in addition to the basic policy. All basic coverage categories such as Dwelling, Contents (Personal Property), and Loss of Use (sometimes called “Additional Living Expenses”.), should be reviewed and brought with you to any consultation with an attorney. Maison Law offers our personal injury clients free consultations.

Martin Gasparian is a worthy adversary representing policyholders against insurance companies, who generally hire experienced insurance defense counsel to represent them against policyholders. Insurance companies typically assess the risk of foregoing settlement by considering the strength of a policyholder’s representative.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide advice on your rights and communicate with an insurance company and any defense counsel. An attorney may help if you have tried to reach a fair settlement but the insurer, in your eyes, has refused to treat you fairly. A professional may take over on your behalf and obtain better results.

If you’ve been hurt in the Central Valley, Maison Law can help you obtain a quick recovery – not a lawsuit. Simply pick up the phone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with a representative. Our Central Valley personal injury attorney is here to help you! Call Maison Law at (559) 203-3333.


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