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Fresno Car Accidents on Highway 41

Many Fresno residents heading to work, school, or out to grab lunch take advantage of the many lanes of Highway 41 each day. Also known as the Yosemite Freeway, the north/south route can provide a quicker (or a lot slower during rush hour) path through Fresno.

But it’s not just locals you’ll encounter on Highway 41. Cars, SUVs, and big rigs utilize the thoroughfare from across Central Valley and beyond. Fresno traffic mixes with statewide traffic to create several daily rushes and expose motorists to plenty of reckless drivers.

Safe drivers may never see the vehicle that hits them from behind or from the side. A careless driver’s mistake can cause a Yosemite Freeway collision and leave motorists with traumatic injuries and with no way to pay for the expensive medical care that follows.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Highway 41 Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are injured in a car accident along Highway 41 in Fresno, please talk to a skilled legal professional before speaking with any insurance representative. Many Fresno car accident victims forfeit thousands of dollars in injury support by letting an insurance adjuster decide how much compensation they should get.

Contact Maison Law of Fresno for a free and confidential consultation. It’s a no-risk way for you to learn what your injury is really worth before insurance companies try to convince you otherwise. If you feel the experienced car accident attorneys at Maison Law can help you earn the maximum in compensation for your family, you won’t need any upfront money. We don’t get paid unless we win your case.

Yosemite Freeway Car Accident Dangers in Fresno

Highway 41 through Fresno runs six lanes across or more through the city. And the dangers aren’t just along its many lanes.

The Yosemite Highway has several extremely busy interchanges with other major roads in Fresno such as Highway 180, Highway 99, and Blackstone Avenue. These on and off-ramps force traffic to slow considerably, but not every driver makes the necessary adjustments.

You and your family may be on the way to Walmart or Target when a speeding driver rams your SUV from behind. A driver who doesn’t check mirrors or blind spots before switching lanes can cause a sideswipe accident with one car that goes on to become a multi-car pileup on Highway 41 involving you and your passengers.

These and other common types of impacts could total your car and leave loved ones suffering major injuries. The insurance companies representing at-fault drivers may try to say that you were to blame so they don’t have to provide you with fair compensation. After a Yosemite Freeway car accident talk with a skilled Fresno Car Accident Attorney before speaking with any insurance representative.

What To Do After an Accident on Highway 41 in Fresno

The first step to building a solid case against an insurance company should be taken in the moments right after a collision if at all possible. If you feel strong enough, you should try to collect as much evidence as possible on the scene of your Fresno car accident.

This is key evidence that your Fresno personal injury attorney can use as leverage when negotiating a settlement check for you and your family.

If you must be rushed to the emergency room after an accident, and there’s time, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to help you collect these details for you:

  • Move your vehicle if there are no injuries. According to the California DMV, you should move your vehicle off a highway or interstate if possible if you are in a highway or interstate accident that doesn’t involve an injury or death.
  • Call for investigating officers and an ambulance. Dial 911 and allow paramedics to examine your injuries. Give the California Highway Patrol or the Fresno Police a full report on everything you can remember about the accident. They’ll be creating a collision report that will be important to your insurance claim later.
  • Take photos with your cellphone. Once responding officers have secured the lanes, move to get photos of the damage to your vehicle and other cars if it’s safe. Tell the story of your Yosemite Freeway accident in photos by showing traffic signs, lane markings, and skid marks along the roadway. Snap photos of any visible injuries and damaged personal items.
  • Get driver’s license and insurance information from all drivers involved. If the driver works for a rideshare or delivery company, get employee numbers. Don’t talk about who caused the crash or the seriousness of your injuries with other motorists. You may not be qualified to speculate on these topics and your statements can be used against you later.
  • Talk to witnesses. Get their contact information so that your Fresno Car Accident Attorney can locate them for testimony later.
  • Keep evidence. Save your damaged personal items. Preserve torn and bloody clothing and shoes.
  • Get checked out by your physician. Get all injuries documented. Follow all of your doctor’s recommendations including seeing specialists. Save all medical receipts and invoices.

What Kind of Compensation Is Available After a Fresno Highway 41 Collision?

California car accident victims have a two-year statute of limitations on filing an injury claim. If they wait longer to file a claim the case will likely be rejected. This claim for damages is directed against an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider.

It seems like a long time, but you shouldn’t delay if you want to give your Fresno car accident lawyer the best chance to build a strong case for you. Allowing your attorney to begin work on your case as soon as possible means that fresh evidence will still be available, and witnesses will be easier to track down.

Once your attorney feels your claim is ready to file, you’ll be including a list of every damage you’ve absorbed since the accident. This list instructs insurance companies as to everything you should expect compensation for.

These are just a few of the factors that help determine the amount you’ll receive in a car accident insurance settlement check:

  • Hospital, medication, surgery, and physical therapy expenses.
  • Estimated costs associated with a long-term injury or permanent physical disability.
  • The toll emotional trauma takes on your life and on the lives of family members. You could suffer depression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms stemming from the day of the accident and in recovery. You could experience a loss of enjoyment of life due to an injury.
  • The hardship of dealing with chronic, physical pain.
  • Past and future lost income and benefits while you must miss work.
  • Car repairs or replacement. Compensation for damage to personal items.
  • Wrongful death benefits. A family who has lost a loved one to a careless driver’s mistake is encouraged to file a wrongful death claim. This claim asks an insurance company for help with funeral costs and leftover medical bills. It also seeks to replace the income the deceased would have provided the family in the future.

Contact a Fresno Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash on Highway 41

After a serious traffic accident on Yosemite Freeway through Fresno County, please rely on an experienced Fresno car accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer handles the most frustrating parts of the insurance claims process and makes sure you receive fair treatment.

Take advantage of a free case consultation from Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law. This evaluation comes with no obligation to you or your family. It’s a no-risk way to stay informed of the best ways to secure the support you and your family need to rebuild your lives after a Fresno car accident.

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