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Fresno Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Speeding Drivers

Motorcyclists in Fresno can never take their eyes off local drivers for very long. Other motorists can make mistakes that can threaten the wellbeing of the rider next to them. Unfortunately, it’s not always just careless mistakes that put those on motorcycles at risk.

Drivers can also get reckless and decide to drive in a manner that puts themselves and others in danger. Speeding is one of the most common actions that put Fresno motorcyclists in harm’s way. Drivers can lose control and suddenly veer into the bike next to them or drift into the path of an oncoming rider.

The resulting collisions are often devastating. Injured motorcyclists deserve the best care available. They also deserve to know they won’t lose all of their savings over an accident that wasn’t their fault. A free consultation with a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can help victims decide what their injuries are worth and the best way to secure that much-needed compensation.

Speeding Drivers and the Danger to Fresno Motorcyclists

The biggest threat motorcyclists face is when other drivers aren’t paying enough attention to the lanes to spot them. A driver may make a left turn in front of the rider they didn’t see approaching. They may veer into the next lane over and hit a motorcycle because they didn’t check a mirror or blind spot.

These are real hazards riders face each day and adding excessive speed to the mix only elevates the chances of a collision and the chances of traumatic injuries.

A driver who is speeding down a busy lane like Blackstone Avenue may also be driving aggressively. Both choices leave the driver with less time to show care to other motorists and increase the chance they’ll miss the smaller profile of a motorcyclist. That’s if they are looking out for others at all as they carelessly speed across lanes.

Reckless driving places motorcyclists at risk of life-threatening collisions. When riders suffer injuries they should be able to focus on healing and getting back on the road again. They should never have to sweat over the costs of medical care when a reckless driver is to blame.

A Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer makes sure this blame stays with the guilty party and handles the negotiations with insurance companies to see that victims get the money they need to cover medical costs and pay their bills.

Compensation Available for Fresno Motorcycle Injury Victims of Speeding Drivers

Motorcycle collision victims are often left to recover from severe injuries. In taking a hit from a 4,000lb SUV and then an impact with the road surface, riders often break bones, suffer brain injuries, and do damage to internal organs.

Recovery can include a long hospital stay and months of physical therapy. There’s no guarantee that injuries will heal enough to allow a patient to return to riding a motorcycle.

The physical, emotional, and financial toll of this recovery must fall on the speeding driver who caused the accident and the driver’s auto insurance provider.

Your Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer will ask for compensation for every medical bill and money to pay any bills expected in the future. You’ll be demanding reimbursement on every paycheck and benefit you’ve missed while having to be away from work. Your attorney also seeks additional financial support for the physical pain you suffer through and the emotional trauma a terrible accident and difficult recovery can cause.

There is also full financial support available for families who lose a loved one in a motorcycle accident due to a speeding driver’s mistake. Close relatives could file a wrongful death claim against the driver’s insurer. That claim asks for money to pay for a funeral service and burial and for ambulance fees and leftover doctor bills.

A wrongful death claim also seeks money to protect loved ones in the future when they’ll face life without the care and financial support the deceased can no longer provide

Frequently Asked Questions After Fresno Motorcycle Accidents

How long do I have to file a Fresno motorcycle accident injury claim?

Two years. California’s statute of limitations allows victims to file a claim up to two years from the date of the accident. If a claim misses this deadline, it’s usually rejected and victims don’t receive compensation.

What if I wasn’t wearing a motorcycle helmet when I was hit by a speeding driver?

California requires all motorcycle riders to wear approved helmets. But if you are hit and injured without a helmet on, you can still seek full compensation from the at-fault driver. You could still demand help with recovery.

Should I talk to the driver’s insurance company after a motorcycle accident?

No. Don’t give any recorded statements when an insurance adjuster calls you on the phone. Stick to basic information. Any statement you make could be twisted by the insurer to hurt your chances of earning support.

Contact a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident involving a speeding driver or tragically lost a loved one in an accident, contact a skilled Fresno motorcycle accident attorney. This is a no-risk opportunity to learn about the benefits available to you and your family. You should know what your case is worth before you are contacted by insurance adjusters who will try to convince you that your case is worth nothing at all.

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation session with a real lawyer at Maison Law. Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, works with victims to ensure they receive the full support they need to rebuild their lives and get back on their motorcycles. He has also worked with many Central Valley families to make sure they received the support they needed after losing someone in a tragic motorcycle accident.

If you decide we can help you earn more in a motorcycle accident claim, we don’t require any upfront payment. We don’t get paid unless we win your case.

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