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Fresno Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Distracted Drivers

Motorcyclists in Fresno come upon plenty of dangers as they ride on local streets and highways. One of the most dangerous situations riders can face is a seemingly harmless action by drivers.  Drivers far too often take their eyes off the lanes ahead. A distracted driver can forget to check mirrors before a lane change. They can carelessly make a left turn only to end up in the path of an oncoming motorcyclist they were too distracted to spot

These and other mistakes made by distracted drivers put riders in grave danger each and every day around Fresno. A collision can leave motorcyclists with traumatic injuries and wondering how they’ll pay for the medical care they need to eventually return to the road again.

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Riders left injured by distracted drivers may face a long, difficult journey to heal and get back on their motorcycles. Sadly, victims who should be left alone to focus on recovery often have to stress over medical bills. They can also face off against unfair insurance companies who tend to always blame the motorcyclist in any accident. Insurance adjusters like to point the finger at riders no matter what an accident report says.

A free consultation with a Fresno motorcycle accident attorney is a great way to determine what your case is worth and the best way to secure full support. Even if you don’t end up hiring our law firm to represent you, we can show you how to avoid the common tactics insurance companies use to rob motorcycle accident victims of compensation.

Fresno Motorcycle Accident Dangers Caused by Distracted Drivers

Drivers often complain that they have trouble spotting the smaller profile of someone on a motorcycle. This is usually an excuse for the fact that they weren’t paying enough attention to the road. That lack of attention reaches dangerous levels when drivers allow themselves to become distracted.

Fresno drivers can be eating, drinking, or adjusting a radio dial and not realize how long they’ve been looking away from the road. In that time, a motorcyclist may have moved, unseen, into the lane beside the distracted driver or may be slowing down for a red light in front of the driver.

Of course, the biggest threat to a driver’s attention is the cell phones that we all carry with us nowadays. These are just a few of the ways a cell phone can draw the eyes of motorists away from the road:

  • Text and Email notifications. Drivers can be reading a text or even typing a response and rear-end the motorcyclist in front of them.
  • Phone Calls. Drivers can be looking at a phone to answer or make a call. They can also be distracted by a conversation and lose track of the motorcyclist traveling alongside them until they make an ill-advised lane change.
  • Music Playlists. Drivers in California can use cell phones with Bluetooth capabilities. But if searching for the music they want or selecting a podcast means they lose focus on the road, motorists can be held accountable for the motorcycle accidents they cause.

California drivers are subject to strict cellphone use laws. They are not allowed to have a cell phone in their hands for any reason other than an emergency. Hands-free devices are allowed, but drivers are still expected to make calls while keeping safe travel in mind.

For minors, the laws are different. Drivers under 18 can never use a cell phone unless they are calling for emergency assistance. Hands-free cell phones aren’t allowed either.

Maison Law has a page with more information about California’s distracted driving laws.

What Should I Do Right After a Fresno Motorcycle Accident?

Your Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will conduct a full investigation into what happened to you. Your attorney collects every shred of evidence available to build a strong insurance claim that shows the at-fault driver was guilty of distracted driving.

Unfortunately, your lawyer can’t be there on the scene of your accident right after it happens. Yet, that’s where some of the best evidence will be found to back your injury claim before it’s cleared away.

If you are feeling strong enough to stand, try to collect these details after a Fresno motorcycle collision:

  • Dial 911 and inform Fresno officers or the California Highway Patrol about everything you observed before the accident. Let them know if you saw the driver engaged in distraction or holding a cell phone. Officers will be writing up a collision report that provides evidence for your case.
  • Get every injury checked out by paramedics and go to the emergency room if necessary. If you must leave the scene, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to take some photos for you.
  • Get pictures of the scene. Use your phone to get images of the car that hit you, the damage to your motorcycle, and any visible injuries. Take photos of any traffic signs and lane markings that are related to what happened. Show yourself with a helmet if you were wearing one. Take pictures of any visible injuries.
  • Get contact information from witnesses. Your Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be calling on them to provide important testimony.
  • Exchange information with everyone involved if an officer doesn’t provide this information to you. Be careful what you say around the driver. You may say “I’m fine” and “my bad.” Insurance companies can twist these statements to use as evidence that you weren’t hurt at all and that you were fully at fault.
  • Get checked out by your own doctor. Follow recommendations the doctor makes including going to physical therapy and visiting specialists.
  • Hang on to your damaged motorcycle. Keep a cracked or damaged helmet. Store any damaged clothing and personal items. Don’t wash bloody clothing. Preserve it.

Contact a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident or if you’ve tragically lost a loved one in an accident, contact a local motorcycle accident attorney to find out everything available to you and your family.

Insurance companies like to limit the compensation they provide motorcycle accident victims after a distracted driver’s mistake. They aren’t required to inform you of your rights after their policyholder causes an accident. They would rather keep you in the dark in the hopes you’ll sign off on a motorcycle accident injury settlement that’s worth far less than what you’ll need in recovery.

Take advantage of a free consultation session with a real lawyer at Maison Law. Martin Gasparian, the founder of Maison Law, works on behalf of motorcycle accident victims and their families. If you decide he can help you earn more for your Fresno motorcycle accident claim, you won’t need any money now. Mr. Gasparian doesn’t get paid unless he wins your case for you.

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