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Left Turn Bicycle Accidents in Fresno

When you decide to go for a bike ride in Fresno, there are a number of different things you need to watch out for. All of the usual hazards that come with riding your bike are present on Fresno roads, like potholes, parked cars, and bad weather. But by far the most ever present hazard for bike riders is other drivers on the road.

Unfortunately, you can’t account for the negligence and inattentiveness of other drivers on the road in Fresno, you can only make sure that you’re following the rules of the road.  While it’s always in your best interest to obey traffic laws and ride safely, sometimes another driver’s negligence results in an accident.

One of the more common types of accidents between drivers and bicyclists are left turn accidents, which occur when a driver tries to make a left turn through an intersection and into oncoming traffic. Because of the split second nature of this maneuver and paying attention to other factors, this can frequently cause an accident.

Consult With Left Turn Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Fresno

A left turn bicycle accident, like any other accident that can happen while riding your bicycle, can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. Working with our team of experienced Fresno bicycle accident lawyers at Maison Law, though, can provide you with some measure of support.

We know how to hold the at-fault drivers accountable for their negligence when they cause left turn accidents, and can make sure you have the benefits and support you need to recover from your injuries. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

How Do Left Turn Bicycle Accidents Happen in Fresno?

Left turn accidents are very similar to other accidents involving vehicles and bicyclists in that they can be very dangerous for bicyclists. This is due to the nature of how left turn accidents happen, namely when the driver is turning left into oncoming traffic while the bicyclists is trying to cross the road at a 90 degree angle from the car or is coming toward the left hand turning car headlong.

While there are numerous causes to left turn accidents, they usually happen when a driver’s left turn is one (or multiple) of the following:

  • Illegal
  • Misjudged or incorrect

Obviously, illegal or misjudge left turns can happen in many different scenarios where the driver:

  • Turned or tried to make a U-turn in front of the cyclist.
  • Failed to make sure it was safe before executing the turn.
  • Misjudged or misinterpreted the bicyclist’s actions (or vice versa).
  • Had an obstructed view because of a hill, trees, buildings or other objects.
  • Made a sudden lane change and turned, and was unaware of the bicyclist.
  • Performed an illegal turn or U-turn.
  • Failed to yield right-of-way to the bicyclist before turning.

Left turn accidents are one of the more common accidents that can happen to you or other bicyclists in Fresno, especially in more crowded areas and streets.

How To Avoid Left Turn Bicycle Accidents in Fresno

Due to the nature of left turn bicycle accidents, they happen quite frequently. Thus, if you are riding your bike in one of Fresno’s crowded downtown areas or some busy intersection in the city, keeping alert is a must if you want to avoid one of these accidents. With that in mind, there are some other ways that you can hopefully avoid a left turn accident:

  • Increase your visibility – This is a good rule of thumb for any bicycle accident. Wearing high visibility or brightly colored clothing, having equipment like reflectors or lights, and drawing attention to your movement for other drivers can sometimes be enough to alert them of your presence at an intersection.
  • Stay off the sidewalk – While it may seem safer, riding on the sidewalk at an intersection actually makes it more difficult for drivers to see you and adjust when you dart off the sidewalk to try to cross the street.
  • Don’t try to pass cars – Trying to pass cars at an intersection frequently leads to left turn accidents because the turning car coming at you from the opposite direction can’t react in time when you pull out in front of the stopped cars at the intersection.
  • Reduce your speed – When you approach an intersection, try to reduce your speed as much as possible and make eye contact with a driver in the left turn lane. This can give the driver more reaction time, or time to see you.

Although the severity of those injuries varies from accident to accident, they’re more severe when the victim is a bicyclist because of the relative lack of protection that a bicycle offers. Even if you are wearing proper safety equipment like a helmet and padding, there are still no steel frames around you and no airbags or seat belts to keep you in place in the event of an accident.

Who Is Responsible In a Fresno Left Turn Bicycle Accident?

A left turn bicycle accident that’s caused by a driver making an illegal or misjudged left turn would be considered negligence, and as such, they would be liable for any damages or injuries the accident caused.

In a left turn bicycle accident, you can recover the following damages:

  • Past medical bills connected with the accident and medical bills from the accident that are reasonably expected to be incurred in the future.
  • Past lost earnings in connection with the accident along with any earnings reasonably expected to be lost in the future.
  • Pain and suffering resulting from the accident.
  • Any permanent disfigurement or disability resulting from the accident.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the injuries.
  • Funeral and burial costs along with other substantial damages if the victim died from the injuries that he or she suffered in the accident.

Every claim is unique and depends on the circumstances of your particular accident. It’s also important to make sure you keep up with your medical treatment and property damage as a way to preserve your claim.

Experienced Fresno Bicycle Accident Lawyers Will Stand With You

When a driver makes an illegal left hand turn and collides with you on your bike, the resulting accident or injuries can have a huge impact on the rest of your life. Whether it be injuries that require surgery, inability to work because of a permanent injury, or other damage, drivers that make these ill-advised turns can be held accountable for your damages.

The team of dedicated and experienced Fresno bicycle accident lawyers at Maison Law can help you with any legal or insurance claim guidance relating to your left turn bicycle accident. Our number one priority is your satisfaction, and we provide every client with a tailored approach to their particular case.

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